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Parent Home Learning Resources

The device identifier is the 15 digit number on the Kajeet box that the device came in.
Classlink is our district's single sign-on tool. We use it as a master page for students to get to other applications. It stores their passwords for those applications so they don't have to remember all their passwords.  If you are logged in to chrome it is accessible from the home button, otherwise, go to
  • Logging in to classlink as a student
Connect your students Google account to login to Classlink faster using the Login with Google Button
  • Connecting your account to Classlink as a parent
Canvas is used to provide work to your students by some teachers. Here are some helpful guides on how to use it.
  • Logging your student into Canvas
  • Connecting to your students account as a parent/observer
Google Classroom is used by some teachers to share content, and make assignments. Here are some tips about Google Classroom.