Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is sometimes known as "dual enrollment", meaning a student while still enrolled at the high school may qualify to enroll in college-level courses that yield both high school credits needed for graduation and also college credits that are registered on the student's permanent college transcript. All concurrent enrollment grades will be put on the student's high school transcript.

Concurrent enrollment courses are "college level". College level means college level difficulty and expectation, college level grading, and college level consequence. Concurrent enrollment courses are not for every student. Students enrolled in concurrent enrollment courses are expected to perform as college students, and college grading is often much more challenging than high school grading. For every hour of college coursework, a student is expected to spend two hours in additional studies, reading, writing, researching. Concurrent enrollment courses are not for students who dislike homework. Concurrent Enrollment registration is administered through Utah State University.

USU Blanding will charge the concurrent enrollment students $5 per credit hour (for example, USU PSY 1010 is a 3 credit hour course, therefore students will be billed at time of registration $15 for this course). If classes are not paid for, the student may be dropped from the course.

*USU Blanding requires a 3.0 GPA for students taking college courses, as well as a High School Transcript and minimum ACT scores for English & Math courses. 

To Apply for Concurrent Enrollment 

Step 1: Apply For Admission

  •  Go to

  •  Select Apply Now

  • Complete the application and pay the $50 fee

Step 2Create Password

  • Within 3 business days of paying the $50 fee, the student will be emailed an A Number. If not, call 435-797-8223 

  • Go to and create the password (may take 15 min to take)

Step 3: Register for Courses

  • Go to  

  • Select Register Now and follow the steps listed (Don't wait late registration have a $100 late fee)

Step 4: Pay Tuition

  • Go to

  • Select Pay Tuition and follow the steps listed 

  • Don't wait;late payments incur a $15 fee

* Note if you take a science class taking the lab class along with it is highly recommended

Current Concurrent Enrollment Courses offered at your High School