JOM Program

The JOM program provides supplemental funding assisting those efforts designed to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible Native American students.  The Diné (Navajo) language and culture are high priorities for JOM.  Services include providing funding for instructional supplies, student incentives, and parental costs that meet program requirements. SJSD currently has nine Indian Education Committee members that represent schools that have Native American students enrolled and are eligible for the JOM program.

Indian Education Committee Members

  • Julie Sampson, IEC Chairman

  • Donald Mose III, Vice Chairman

  • Julie Denny, IEC Secretary

  • Jacque Dee, Member

  • Tisha Charlie, Member

  • Semira Crank, Member

SJSD JOM Program

  • SJSD JOM Coordinator, Brenda Whitehorse,

  • SJSD JOM Program Secretary, JoAnna Bethea,

SJSD Native American Graduation Stoles

SJSD JOM Proposal Process

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