San Juan School District COVID-19 Information 2021-2022

Welcome Back!  

I am excited to welcome in this new year.  It’s going to be a great year.  While challenges with the pandemic are still present, lessons learned in the area of technology, communication, instructional strategies, and basic teamwork of all stakeholders will allow us to start this year stronger than ever.  SJSD’s plan for the 21-22 school year is below. This plan is based on current stakeholder input and recent directives from the state/tribal lawmakers and health departments.  Please be aware that changes in future laws and/or decisions could require changes to this plan.  The plan is designed to be responsive to the different circumstances in our two different regions.  I am most optimistic we will have a great year.  Last year was the most difficult year I can recall, but this year is the most important year.  I thank all stakeholders for your continued input and support.  Let’s make 2021-22 a most successful year.  


Ron Nielson