San Juan School District has been able to expand its school nurse efforts by using some of the American Rescue Plan funds to hire two new school nurses.  We are excited to welcome Kelsey Homedew and Marci Bothwell to our nursing team.  With a total of four nurses, the Monument Valley, Montezuma Creek, Monticello, and Blanding communities will have a nurse in one of the schools at least four days a week.  La Sal Elementary and Navajo Mountain High School will receive regular visits each month as well.  Having four nurses has greatly increased our capacity to serve our students.     

Sheila Alvarez and Marci Bothwell will work in the Monticello and Monument Valley schools.  

Sheila Alvarez has been a nurse for 12 years.  Prior to becoming a school nurse, she worked in several hospital settings including Med Surg, ER, and ICU. The highlight of her past experience was taking a Critical Care Internship at the University of Utah and becoming an ICU Float nurse, working as a level 1 Trauma Center ER Nurse. She joined SJSD as a school nurse 2.5 years ago and absolutely loves this career choice though it is much different from ICU and ER. Sheila was raised in Monticello graduating from MHS. At home, she is a mom of two amazing little girls.

Marci Bothwell was born and raised in Monticello, Utah. She earned her first BA from Arizona State University in 2012. Marci graduated from Utah State University with my RN in 2021. She has worked as an LPN and now RN at San Juan Hospital in the ER and on Med/Surg. Marci is a mom of two kids who both attend Monticello Elementary School.  She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and exploring with her family and dog.

Kammy Palmer and Kelsey Homedew will work in the Blanding and Montezuma Creek schools.  

Kammy Palmer is married with five children. She is a Registered Nurse and is honored to be a school nurse with SJSD.  Kammy has lived in San Juan County nearly all her life.  She graduated from San Juan High School and USU Blanding, where she completed the nursing program in 2020.  While she is in her second year as a nurse for the district, she has been a district employee for the past 15 years as a bus driver. She loves working with the youth of San Juan County and helping them to be healthy and safe.

Kelsey has been a nurse for 12 years and has spent all of that time working within the San Juan communities at Blue Mountain Hospital, San Juan Public Health, and San Juan Hospital. She has a lot of experience with nursing duties in the hospital setting as well as using care coordination nursing skills with public health promotion. Kelsey has also worked with Children with Special Health Care Needs by connecting children and their families to various resources including Autism evaluations, grants or waivers, and disability benefits waiting lists. She is excited to work with and serve the students and their families in the public school setting at SJSD.

School nurses serve our students and schools in unique ways.  They work with families to develop health and medication plans which allow those students in need to attend school safely.  School nurses train faculty and staff on these medications and rescue medications such as Epinephrine and Naloxone.  They perform hearings screenings as needed and yearly vision screenings of our students.  Nurses have annual state reports regarding immunizations and maintenance equipment such as AEDs.  They are health educators when teaching maturation classes to 5th graders and as guests in our secondary health and career classes.  Most importantly, our school nurses work to provide a high level of care for the students in San Juan School District Schools.  San Juan School District is excited to have four school nurses serving students and families across the district.  As you visit the schools, feel free to introduce yourself to our school nurses.