CTE College and Career Readiness Day

The San Juan School District’s College and Career Readiness (CCR) Day,
on February 3, provides students, parents or guardians, and faculty at
secondary schools an additional opportunity to celebrate national Career
and Technical Education (CTE) Month®.
This year’s tagline is Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow! Planning
academic courses and exploring career options on CCR day helps
students Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow! Our CTE programs help
learners become college and career ready and prepare them for high-wage, high-demand career fields. When students engage in CTE opportunities, they progress through intentional career pathways that set them on track to Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow.

Academic planning for CTE pathways can begin as early as 5th grade, advancing through middle school, high school, and into college. College and Career Readiness Day in the San Juan School District provides an opportunity for students and parents or guardians to participate in academic planning. CCR day is a great opportunity for them to meet with counselors and teachers to explore career options and receive guidance in planning for future careers. Students can discuss career goals and how participating in CTE pathways can align activities and courses that will help them take steps towards career goals. Working with counselors and teachers, and using pathway forms and checklists, students can ensure they are on track to become pathway concentrators and completers.
(A pathway concentrator has taken an explorer and concentrator course in a CTE pathway. A
pathway completer has taken an explorer, concentrator, and completer course in a CTE pathway.) For more information on the San Juan School District’s CTE programs and pathways, please visit our website at http://southeastutahcte.org/.

Students at the San Juan School District have additional support for college and career readiness
 Through the online platform MajorClarity (https://majorclarity.com/). Parents and guardians
encouraged to log in with their students to help gain insights into career interests through career simulations, interest inventories, videos, and lessons from industry professionals. Students also have access to student success plans, scholarship directories, job searches, and resume builders. MajorClarity “empowers learners with the ability to flourish after graduation.” Students can log in using district login credentials at MajorClarity.com.

College and career readiness is a natural result of participation in Career Technical Education.
Students in CTE courses learn employability skills, problem-solving, project completion, job-specific skills, critical thinking skills, time-management, and other employment skills which all help San Juan School District students Own Today, Celebrate Tomorrow.