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Dear Junior student and Parent,


CCR Day is coming up on Wednesday Feb 3, 2021.  Normally we would have a student/Parent meeting for Juniors on how to prepare for the ACT.  Due to COVID that will not be happening this year, in place of that please accept this email with information on the ACT this year. 


All (Including Option 3) Juniors are registered for the ACT on March 9, 2021.  We will begin at 8:00 a.m. and finish around lunch time.  As soon as the ACT is complete all Junior students will be released for the day. 


Things to Remember about the ACT

-The ACT provides opportunities for Scholarships (Many colleges have gone to an either/or option for scholarships at their school.  Meaning that scholarships are determined at the college by using ACT score or GPA score. Example: If you have a 4.0 GPA but score lower on your ACT, you still would qualify for the Presidential Scholarship at many colleges.) 

-Many colleges look at the ACT for admittance and to determine what courses may be needed for course readiness.

-ACT determines how well you are retaining knowledge that you have been taught in high school as well as how well prepared you are for college course rigor. 

- ACT does not determine if you will be successful in your career, and does not determine if you can or cannot go to college.  If you want to go to college, you can go to college.  (Many colleges have gone a way from using the ACT as part of their admittance process.  Many colleges are open enrollment, meaning if you apply you will get in.  Examples: Dixie State, Snow College, and Salt Lake Community College.)


Tips for taking the ACT (ACT.org)

  1. Gather everything you need the day before the test, including: an approved calculator, test ticket, sharpened pencils, and photo ID. 
  2. Double check the registration time and location. Make sure you know how to get to the test center and how much time you should allow for travel. Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early to get registered and settle in. 
  3. Get plenty of sleep the night before the test. 
  4. Wear comfortable clothing and eat a healthy breakfast the day of the test. 
  5. As you get started, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself. Keep a positive attitude. 
  6. Listen carefully to instructions and ask questions if you hear something you don’t understand. 
  7. Focus your attention entirely on your work. 
  8. Position your answer sheet right next to your test booklet so you can mark answers quickly and accurately. 
  9. Read each question and possible responses completely before answering. If you’re not sure of the answer, choose the one you think is best and move on. 
  10. Be sure to answer every question—there’s no penalty for guessing. 
  11. Pace yourself and occasionally check the time. 
  12. If you finish before time is up, reread the questions and check your answers.  

One of the best things to remember is not to panic, stay calm and just do your best.  You are smarter than you think you are.  Slow down, read carefully, eliminate wrong answers and be confident in your abilities. 

Helpful Links

ACT Free Practice Tests - Study.com

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Good Luck on this test and in your preparation.  Please reach out to one of your counselors or Mrs. Rogers for further questions. 

Mr. Jens Nielson-School Counselor




Mrs. Sheri Pugh-School Counselor




Mrs. Janna Rogers-Assistant Principal