TES EOY Assessments

Hello TES Parents, Students, and Families.

The time is drawing close to the end of this school year. We have all truly been dealt a challenging hand, but we are all here. As the end of school comes quickly to a close, our teachers are beginning to look to the end as well. We are gathering important information about our students to pass on to their next grade level teachers. WE NEED ALL OF YOUR HELP as we strive for 100% participation in assessing our students. First, for the month of APRIL we have the final EVALUATE tests of the year. Once your student takes both the Math and ELA tests (or which ever grade level tests for April your teacher requires) they will receive a reward. There is another reward for taking the end of the year Math test and Dibels reading tests. Take both of those and receive an Arts supply bag. Awesome rewards for just helping our teachers collect information. Remember though, we always encourage to do our best. This is a great attitude to develop that carries with us throughout our lives. Well good luck to you all. We look forward to see you all at our next "drive thru" where those that complete both EVALUATE tests will receive their reward.