Student leaders dressed traditional

Ya'at'eeh, TES Family! 

 Ahe'hee for attending our CCR/Parent Conference at TES!  We hope you enjoyed meeting with your child's wonderful teachers!  We love your students and work hard to create a safe and respectful environment where they want to be and learn.  

We appreciate all the support from our community to provide sports, eye and dental services, and afterschool programs to your children and families.  There is more to come!  We appreciate how hard you work to help your children read and write and practice math at home.  When we partner with parents/guardians, student scores show it!  They are making great progress, as you have seen!  We ask that you continue to help your children attend school everyday and come on time.  This makes a BIG difference in their learning.  

We also ask that you not have students bring chips or drinks to school, as we want to encourage healthy diets for their growing bodies and minds.  

We have wonderful videos created by Clayton Long on our website that we hope you will watch with your children to support the cultural heritage learning they receive from our wonderful Mrs. Christine Rock.  

Ahe'hee for your wonderful support and teaching your children respect and responsibility.   They are our treasured future and we are doing all we can to help them prepare and build confidence in themselves. 

 We will continue to hold Safe Harbor classes in March to help adults heal and write a new story, because YOUR STORY MATTERS!  We hope to record more stories and print another book with your input during the coming months.  We respect our families and hope to continue to teach our children to Walk In Beauty, the Hozho Way, as you have so beautifully taught them.