The ACE Grant Program is determined to be the catalyst that enables our students to accomplish anything!

The core of our efforts is to offer a variety of academic, training, and mental health services to enhance the lives of Native American students in San Juan School District.  

These services combined with the San Juan School District vision and values will prepare our students for a brighter future!


What is ACE?

  • ACE stands for “Accessing Choices in Education."

  • This funding comes to us from the U.S. Department of Education.

  • The goal of the ACE grant is to provide additional educational opportunities and services to Native American Students.

  • These services and opportunities will be provided at no cost to students or families.

  • The ACE program will work alongside schools to support and improve academic achievement and cultural education for Native American students in grades K-12.

  • Our hope is that these programs will provide the means necessary for students to accomplish their goals and fulfill their potential.

The ACE Program offers academic solutions to meet the needs of students with various life circumstances. We provide online services to address Covid-19 safety concerns and meet the rapidly changing demands of technology. We also offer in-person services to provide students with unforgettable hands-on experiences to prepare them for future academic success.